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How Does Hard Water Affect Your Home?

A lot of households face the problem of hard water and its uncomfortable effects on the home. Hard water can be referred to as water that contains a high mineral content, especially of calcium and magnesium. Even though hard water doesn’t directly affect a person’s health, it can still cause a lot of ruckus around the house. This article would explain to you the signs that you have hard water and how it affects your home. If you notice any of these things, those are enough reasons to get a water softener. Here are the top signs of hard water and how it affects your home:

  • Blocked Piping System

Hard water produces a white, chalky residue usually referred to as limescale. This residue is the cause of a lot of problems that comes with using hard water in your home. When hard water runs through your pipes, it leaves behind limescale which can end up blocking or clogging the pipes. This can also lead to low water pressure. In this case, you would have to replace or fix the pipes regularly, and it’s more economical to get a water softener than to constantly replace pipes.

  • Reduces Lifespan of Appliances

Another way that hard water affects your home is on your water appliances. Water appliances like washing machines, boiler, dishwasher, coffee maker and others are easily affected by the limescale residue. This causes the appliances to frequently get damaged or break down permanently.

  • Dry Skin and Hair

Hard water minerals do not mix with soap or shampoo well, and so when you take a shower or wash your hair, soap scum is left behind with the minerals when you rinse your body or hair. This can lead to dry and irritated skin. In the case of your hair, you could get dry, thinning and discolored hair because of hard water. Presence of large amounts of iron in the hair would lead to discolored hair.

  • Less Lather

Because hard water minerals don’t mix with soap, when washing, the soap and water would not produce a lot of lather. This can also leave soap scum behind on your sink, bathroom appliances and your dishes or kitchen utensils. Your draining system can also be affected.

  • Faded and Stained Clothes

Hard water can also remove the color from your clothes when washed. The excessive amount of minerals present in hard water can cause the color in the clothes to fade away. In the case of white or bright clothes, hard water with large amounts of iron can also stain your clothes after washing.

  • Stained Utensils and Equipment

When limescale and soap scum accumulates on your kitchen equipment or utensils and dishes, it can deface and stain them. You would usually have to make use of vinegar to wash away these stains before you can get rid of them.

Water Softeners

These are devices that are used to convert hard water into soft water. If you’re looking for a solution to hard water problems in your home, then buying a water softener would solve these problems permanently. There are different types of water softeners and different brands out there, and so you would have to trouble getting the best water softener for your home.

What are The Major Benefits of Water Softeners?

A water softener is a unit that softens water by removing concentrated minerals causing water hardness. Water consisting high amount of calcium and magnesium is called hard water. Hard water creates many problems in daily chores. You may or may not notice them but they with time degrade home valuable appliances and plumbing system that needs costly repairing. It clogs pipes, forms soap scum and leaves spots behind not just this there are many such issues which we will enlighten through this post.

Hard water can be treated with a water softener to reduce the negative effects of water.  Before you end up wasting your hard earned money always researches do check more water softener systems here for complete information. A water softener removes Ca and Mg ions with sodium ions. They are specially designed are harmless, neutral and heat resistant so you can use them without lime deposits.

We know that soft water has certain benefits like eliminating eczema, psoriasis in children and limescale in pipes. However, there is much attached to water softener benefits. Some might be aware of few but we will provide you more reasons to choose water softeners.

Let’s see what a water softener can do for you:

  1. Reduced Utility Bill: Water is used for every water-based appliance like coffee maker, teapot, dishwasher, washing machine, and heaters. It is seen that when you use hard water efficiency of appliances is decreased by 22%. So, using soft water is beneficial for your pocket.
  2. Increased Pipes and Appliances Life: Galvanic corrosion is encouraged by limescale that means it is conducive to electricity. This reduces the life and causes flakiness that is what you see in your water sometimes, that brownish thing.
  3. Environmental Benefits: It is obvious that the life of appliances will be more and energy will be decreased so Mother Nature will be happy. Save the planet.
  4. Reduced Soap Scum: Shampoo and soaps lathering now will not be a pain. Use less shampoo and wash your hairs easily. Also, you will not feel any film like thing on your skin or hair making it greasy.
  5. Safe Fabrics: Hard water destroys clothing. It fades them and within time makes clothes dull and dry. When minerals are high in water whether you use good quality conditioner or detergent it won’t work. Water Softener completely destroys a mineral that makes water usable.
  6. Watering Plants Now Easier: Chlorine in water has a negative impact on delicate plants. People using tap water for watering plants usually fill a tank and let water sit for about half n hour so that chlorine settles down. This problem can be solved with softening system as chlorine will not be present in water.
  7. Helpful for Life of Sewer System: Diameter of pipes is reduced via limescale due to the layer developed around the pipeline. This increases water pressure that damages the sewer system.


Hope you now know why a water softener is necessary and how beneficial it is for your home. If you already have a water softener installed and you know any major benefit that it has do let us know if it is not mentioned in this article.

If you have any questions or suggestions share us in the comment box below.

5 Amazing need-to-know facts about Hard Water

Those hard water stains in your sink or around your shower head are doing more than you think. Hard water is not only unappealing, but the situation also comes with detrimental consequences if ignored. Keep reading to learn about the origins and effects of hard water before reading water softener reviews on this page.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is a term used to describe the process by which H20 develops a high level of minerals. The water becomes more difficult to remove from surfaces as the amount of minerals present increases. Many homeowners go about their day without realizing that they are victims of hard water. The signs of such a situation, however, are ever present.

1. It’s A Natural Proccess

Hard water stains are inevitable. As the level of minerals in a system increases, it is only a matter of time before such significant amounts have an effect on your drinking water. Calcium and magnesium are especially culprits in the fight against hard water. These minerals can turn your substance into a staining mess within a matter of days if allowed to build up in your pipes.

2. It Can Happen Anywhere

Hard water is not just limited to the shower and bathroom sink. In fact, it is not uncommon for homeowners to consume hard water on a daily basis due to the kitchen sink being overwhelmed by minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

3. Hard Water is Safe To Use

Despite its detrimental consequences when ignored, hard water is not poisonous. You can drink this type of substance and even bathe in it without a negative impact on your health.

4. There Are Problems With The System

Your health may not suffer a negative impact because of hard water, but your appliances will feel the pull of having to work harder to get water through. Your linen may also come out dull and eventually need to be replaced sooner rather than later as a result of hard water stains.

5. The Signs of Hard Water Are Quite Clear

Homeowners who do not recognize the signs of hard water are not looking close enough. The white stains that refuse to go away in your shower are the number one indicator that you have a problem.


There is no immediate crisis to your health if you choose to live with hard water. Why would you sacrifice your overall quality of life for something that can be handled with one or two treatment sessions, though? Take care