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How Does Hard Water Affect Your Home?

A lot of households face the problem of hard water and its uncomfortable effects on the home. Hard water can be referred to as water that contains a high mineral content, especially of calcium and magnesium. Even though hard water doesn’t directly affect a person’s health, it can still cause a lot of ruckus around the house. This article would explain to you the signs that you have hard water and how it affects your home. If you notice any of these things, those are enough reasons to get a water softener. Here are the top signs of hard water and how it affects your home:

  • Blocked Piping System

Hard water produces a white, chalky residue usually referred to as limescale. This residue is the cause of a lot of problems that comes with using hard water in your home. When hard water runs through your pipes, it leaves behind limescale which can end up blocking or clogging the pipes. This can also lead to low water pressure. In this case, you would have to replace or fix the pipes regularly, and it’s more economical to get a water softener than to constantly replace pipes.

  • Reduces Lifespan of Appliances

Another way that hard water affects your home is on your water appliances. Water appliances like washing machines, boiler, dishwasher, coffee maker and others are easily affected by the limescale residue. This causes the appliances to frequently get damaged or break down permanently.

  • Dry Skin and Hair

Hard water minerals do not mix with soap or shampoo well, and so when you take a shower or wash your hair, soap scum is left behind with the minerals when you rinse your body or hair. This can lead to dry and irritated skin. In the case of your hair, you could get dry, thinning and discolored hair because of hard water. Presence of large amounts of iron in the hair would lead to discolored hair.

  • Less Lather

Because hard water minerals don’t mix with soap, when washing, the soap and water would not produce a lot of lather. This can also leave soap scum behind on your sink, bathroom appliances and your dishes or kitchen utensils. Your draining system can also be affected.

  • Faded and Stained Clothes

Hard water can also remove the color from your clothes when washed. The excessive amount of minerals present in hard water can cause the color in the clothes to fade away. In the case of white or bright clothes, hard water with large amounts of iron can also stain your clothes after washing.

  • Stained Utensils and Equipment

When limescale and soap scum accumulates on your kitchen equipment or utensils and dishes, it can deface and stain them. You would usually have to make use of vinegar to wash away these stains before you can get rid of them.

Water Softeners

These are devices that are used to convert hard water into soft water. If you’re looking for a solution to hard water problems in your home, then buying a water softener would solve these problems permanently. There are different types of water softeners and different brands out there, and so you would have to trouble getting the best water softener for your home.

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